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Individual Analytics is an objective-oriented advisory service based out of Saratoga Springs, New York. Observable progress related to any challenge presented is the primary goal of our services. By applying the Six-Foci Method of our founder's design, the client’s entire life is triaged to determine which areas exhibit the greatest potential for improvement. Alternatively, clients may request to focus on a single challenge, eliminating the need for a Six-Foci evaluation. In contrast to therapists, counselors, and life coaches, the Individual Analytics team focuses primarily on solution development. Coping skills, routine implementation, and mindset adjustments are often considered as well, but only to support the execution of any strategies designed by the analyst. In other words, we prefer to improve a client's quality of life, rather than simply helping them accept their current reality.

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Nicholas Kolor - Founder

Nicholas (Nick) Kolor is a military veteran, jet ski enthusiast and family man who has devoted his life to helping others navigate whatever challenges may face them. He has ended mid-life crises, saved relationships and improved the lives of countless individuals. With a diverse educational and professional background, Nick takes on clients with a fierce determination to make a lasting impact on their lives. He is also a member of several organizations including BNI, Mensa, and ASCP. On a volunteer basis, he is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in the State of New York. When he isn’t working Nick can often be found hiking in the Adirondacks, scuba diving or running games of Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Personality Type: INFP-A / Mediator (Assertive)
  • Counties Served: Albany | Saratoga | Rensselaer | Schenectady
  • Background: Medical Sciences
  • Location: 63 Putnam St, Suite 202, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

- Mother Teresa

Nicholas Kolor - Founder of Individual Analytics

Areas of Focus

The Six-Foci method enables our team to assess an individual's strengths, weaknesses, priorities and needs. This triage tool respects the unique nature of each client's personality and circumstances, so as to help us develop highly effective strategies.


Are you truly happy with who you are as a person?


Do the people in your life support you or hold you back?


Is your romantic life helping or hindering you?


Does your path in life excite or exhaust you?


Are you treating your mind and body with respect?


What impact do you have on the world around you?


Ryan Lo

Business Owner

Nick is a highly skilled and experienced life coach who has helped me tremendously.

Steven To

Recent College Graduate

Nick helped repair my relationships with my family.

Steve Cully

Marketing Specialist

Highly intelligent, calm, and his attention to detail is unbelievable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01What does advising cost with Individual Analytics?

    The standard hourly rate is $100, but we recognize that there are people in need of help who cannot afford to pay that much. In order to ensure that individuals with lower income can afford our services, we offer a sliding scale of fees. Discounts of up to 50% may apply for clients presenting with significant need. Additionally, certain demographics such as single parents, first responders, veterans, and teachers receive lowered rates.

  • Individual Analytics does not currently employ any licensed mental health providers, and therefore cannot be considered an appropriate substitute for psychotherapy or any other field of medicine. Many of our clients are current or previous psychotherapy patients who have found that the medical approach alone is insufficient. It is ultimately the client's decision whether to utilize the services of medical professionals.

  • It is our founder's opinion that the mandated reporter system prevents people from truly feeling comfortable discussing “hard topics” with therapists. Dozens of clients have shown appreciation for an opportunity to discuss things that they don’t feel they can tell healthcare workers, in fear of negative repercussions. For that reason, Nick very diligently maintains that clients can enjoy our services without worry of consequences.

  • Our office address is 63 Putnam St, Suite 202, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Although in-person sessions are encouraged, we are also able to provide virtual advising upon request.

  • Individual Analytics does not currently employ any licensed mental health providers, and therefore does not qualify as a medical service. For this reason, health insurance cannot be used to cover our costs. Payment is made directly from clients to the company.

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63 Putnam St, Suite 202, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866